Our Warehousing Revolution

In 1988, with four staff and our first manufactured portable RF terminals, we set out on a mission to digitise warehouses, automate logistics and streamline supply chain management.

Today, Paperless Warehousing powers some of the country’s leading warehouses in Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Cold Storage, Grocery, Food and Beverage, Electrical, Hazardous Goods, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.


All our people are experts in logistics and warehousing with in-depth insight into warehouse operations and supply chain management. With 30 years of experience built into our products and services, we understand how the application of our Warehouse Management System can make you more competitive in your marketplace.

Our ‘building block’ model offers an affordable entry level. Then, as your business changes and grows, our system evolves with you, stepping up with greater functionality.

We don’t spruik abstract coding solutions. Our software is developed, installed and supported by our staff, and because our programmers understand how a warehouse works, they know the impact the software has.

Interfacing with RF mobiles, printers and host systems, our system modernises and improves workflow. It replaces traditional paper-based activities with real-time Radio Frequency Scanned or Interactive Voice Directed Tasks and/or RFID all within the same package. Always developing new solutions and upgrading our existing product range, we’re invested in tomorrow as well as today.

Our cutting-edge solution aside, our clients are both our advocates and our greatest assets.

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Here are the numbers

Now servicing over 700 Companies and their products, we operate across 12 countries in 9 different time zones with offices in Australia and the America’s.

Our software powers leading warehouses in 3PL, FMCG, cold storage, grocery, food and beverage, electrical, hazardous goods, cosmetics and pharmaceuitcals

We’ve successfully implemented prime projects across various industry sectors and implemented our software in over 12 countries.

Our people are what make our solutions tick; here are the faces behind our system

John Vercoe,

John Vercoe, Founder

As a CPA and Founder of PW, John created the Paperless Warehousing System to solve two problems; to ensure accurate stock counts on balance sheets, and streamline warehouse efficiencies. Previous to creating PW, John was employed as CIO and Corporate Planner for an ASX listed Company. His knowledge of the supply chain issues caused by paperwork and command of IT solutions, matured into the vision and creation of PW. In the 30 years since starting the company John grew it into one of Australias leading warehouse and logistics companies. John was innovative, reliable, loyal and incredibly hard-working, qualities that will continue on in the company as his legacy. John Vercoe ~ 1944-2019

Matthew Vercoe,
CEO & Managing Director

Matthew Vercoe, Chief Executive Officer

Joining PW as our CIO in 2010, Matthew then became CFO in 2016. With a background in IT Managed Services, he worked at PW for a number of years in the early 1990s. He then went into service with the Defence Force and Ambulance Service of NSW, earning the 15-year Australian National Service Medal. During his time in health care, Matthew undertook senior management roles and was involved in Emergency Management coordination and rescue operations. A current member of the AICD, he’s skilled in governance, finance, strategy and risk. When not in the office, you can find Matthew camping or travelling to remote corners of the world.

Brian Campbell,
Principal Software Engineer

Brian Campbell, Principal Software Engineer

After 5 years as Senior Programmer at El-Ten Technology, Brian was initially a PW client. With us for 15 years now, he joined PW as a Programmer before becoming Principal Software Engineer in 2008. Specialising in Software Project Management and deployment, Brian has over 20 years’ experience using development tools, middleware and multi-dimensional databases. His knowledge of implementation architecture review and design and interface consultation is both technical and functional. When not in the office, you can find Brian on the slopes, snowboarding.

Kevin Mannion,
Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Mannion, Chief Operating Officer

After 9 years as Supply Chain Manager at Wattyl Paints, Kevin was initially a PW client. With us for 18 years now, he joined PW as an Operations Consultant for a decade before becoming Executive Manager Operations in 2009. Skilled in software design and WMS implementation architecture review and design, Kevin has overseen the implementation and instalment of our Warehouse Management System for Avon Philippines, Move Logistics NZ and Lion. When not in the office, you can find Kevin somewhere on a boat, fishing.

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