Our signature WMS is developed by warehouse people for warehouse people. With our modular ‘building blocks,’ we can meet all your warehouse requirements. From entry-level to fully-equipped options, just add-on as your demands increase.

B2B (Retail Labels and EDI)

Automatic creation of major retailer format labels during picking process, with full SSCC GS1 labels. Printed via RF Printers during picking or to fixed printers once complete, or a combination

Advance KPI, Task Management, Virtual Supervisor

Includes tracking workloads both planned and actual, KPI's, work & idle time. Full recording and search of all operational transactions. Virtual Supervisor alerts to missed targets or workload limits, and includes escalation alerts

Repack (Pick & Pack)

Pick & Pack for ultra-fast internet business or home delivery order processing (B2B, B2C). Includes full load build, planning, pick to truck functionality and trackability


Increases forklift movement efficiency through combining 'Put Always', 'Replenishments' and 'Full Picking' tasks dependant on proximity and priority

Pick Controller

Control the allocation of high demand product based on availability. Product substitution or 'unpick' also available, even after picking process


'Parent' and 'Child' association with individual quantities applied per child product to make up a Kit. Hierarchical Kits can be applied (Kit within a Kit)

Custom Reporting

Custom report engine that allows clients to build their own reports directly out of the Paperless software with a user-friendly interface.

Batch Picking

Designed for high-volume picking from a bulk storage location to a batch-picking zone, the HFBP module is designed to give you the highest throughput for every product in your warehouse

Truck Planning and Loading

Load Planning and Pick to Truck; multiple order capabilities for cube and weight, load sequencing, ability to transfer pallets across loads, order splitting and accurate truck loading and verification

Container Park

Efficient tracking of containers and contents throughout a warehouse or container park, increasing productivity of storage utilisation and container retrieval time.

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