We’re experts in interfacing; our system can communicate with your existing software, be it Automation or Machinery, Enterprise, Transport Management, Financial, Carrier or Time-keeping systems – all with ease and reliability.

Carrier EDI

Produce automated transport compliant labels to most major carriers in their specified format during the picking process with RF or fixed printer

Data Warehouse

Output to a SQL Data Base. Data updates are transaction based and updated continuously throughout the operations on a day to day basis

DR Module & Application Monitoring

A true live DR system providing maximum protection from unscheduled server or network failures. Our 24/7 live monitoring sends alerts of critical system issues

ASP Web Access 3pl (Reporting Only)

Creates a web portal for your 3pl client to access reports and information on the storage and movements of their products

National Account

Holistic overview of the site accounts, inventory, KPI's, key information and ASN ability between sites

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